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About Me

Adrienne is dedicated to providing others with the necessary tools and clarity to meet their personal development goals and to achieve wellness.

Guided Self-Development

About Me

Adrienne has been providing psychotherapy services since 2009. Since the beginning, Adrienne has focused her therapeutic work on helping individuals struggling with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and disordered eating. Adrienne also assists individuals experiencing self-esteem related concerns, life/relationship dissatisfaction and general stress in achieving improved health and well-being. More recently, Adrienne has developed a special interest in assisting women with fertility and pregnancy related concerns, as well as new mothers.

Some therapeutic approaches that are commonly offered include: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and Stress Reduction practices/tools and Emotion-Focused therapy. Whatever the approach, or combination of approaches that are suggested and offered, Adrienne believes in collaboration; that is, clients are empowered to make decisions and offer suggestions and feedback regarding their own treatment.

Adrienne began her study of Psychology at Queen’s University, achieving her Bachelors’ degree in 2002. Her Masters’ degree in Counselling was completed at The University of Ottawa in 2009. Since graduating, Adrienne has furthered her knowledge and education through post-graduate studies in Couples & Family therapy, Yoga Therapy and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy.

Having grown up in Muskoka ON, Adrienne and her husband and two young children now reside just outside of Ottawa ON in Manotick ON. Horseback riding and canoe tripping among other outdoor activities, are how Adrienne and her family spend their spare time.

On a Personal Note:

I have been providing psychotherapy services for over a decade now and I’ve noticed that most new clients enter into therapy with the goal of learning “tools” to help manage various challenges.  One goal of my therapy practice, and of this website/blog, is to make such “therapeutic tools and strategies” understandable.  I want my clients and readers to learn which strategies work best for them as an individual.  When clients finish therapy with me, I aim for them to be moving forward in life with a personalized set of strategies for managing life’s challenges.

In order to personalize a treatment plan, most individuals benefit from clarifying conversations like: What are my current strengths and challenges?  How/Why did I become the way that I am?  What are my beliefs about myself, other people and the world?  What are my values?  What are my goals for self-development?  The clarity and self-awareness provided by answering these, and many more, questions are what allow us to formulate a clear plan and acquire concrete tools for positive change.

Through my website and upcoming blog, I strive to reach a larger audience in the hopes of helping infuse positive change into the lives of others; and subsequently, into the world as a whole.  My private practice offers psychotherapy services to a limited number of individuals that are committed to self-development and achieving health and wellness.

Adrienne Benson M.Ed., RP

Psychotherapy Resources

Psychotherapy Services

Adrienne Benson M.ED. RP has almost a decade of experience providing psychotherapy and counselling services to clients dealing with symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, disordered eating  & more.


Get started from the comfort of your home, favourite chair, or getaway, no matter where you are. Start your journey to well-being today.  Courses will focus on a variety of topics aimed to help you achieve your personal development goals. These courses contain theoretical information and strategies and are not meant to take the place of individualize treatment with a regulated professional.

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Forms include: intake information, confidentiality agreement, assessment tools and much more. Get started on your path to achieving a healthy mind & body.